Last year was a wild ride, man. At the draft in Philadelphia, Jacksonville bet on me. And from the moment I crossed that stage, the only thing on my mind was rewarding their faith. Didn’t think nothing about rushing records or Rookie of the Year votes – just wanted to get those W’s and make sure DUUUUVAL had something to be proud of.

We had doubters from day one – but on that same day, I saw just how special our team was. And throughout the season, we showed that. And we had a hell of a run, too – proved a lot of people wrong. We made the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Showed what we were made of against Buffalo, then went to Pittsburgh and took care of business. We fell short in Foxborough, but that loss is fuel for the fire this season.

When I look back at last season, I feel nothing but love. Love for our fans, love for my teammates who battled every down, and love for every memory I made. I decided to spread that same love this offseason. I held two camps in New Orleans – nearly 1,000 young kids showed up, many of which are experiencing the same hardships I faced growing up in our city. Giving them an opportunity through football – the same outlet I had growing up – meant the world to me.

I also went across the pond to London. I had been only once before, for a business trip against the Baltimore Ravens. This was the first chance I had to really get out and see the incredible city. The trip meant so much to me, from checking out Wimbledon to meeting all the UK Jags fans. To know we have that kind of international support makes playing for our fans that much more meaningful. Whether we’re in Jacksonville, in London or on the road, I promise that this season, we’re laying it all out there for Jags fans everywhere.


– Leonard Fournette #27